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History of SoftMouse DB

Since its inception in 2007, SoftMouse has gone through many iterations and improvements based on client feedback and the growing needs of the mouse research community and associated compliance requirements.

With the deployment of SoftMouse v1 in 2008, the web has changed a lot. Design styles have evolved, web browsers have gone through many iterations, the widespread adoption of tablet devices and smart phones has brought about a whole new medium from which end users access the internet.

Read through the below to get a full history of SoftMouse's evolution over the years!

The SoftMouse Team
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SoftMouse Database
Colony Management, Breeding Tracking and Study Management

History of SoftMouse over the years...

2008: SoftMouse v1  Web based

  • A very simple database aimed at replacing the error prone spreadsheets that were primarily in use in laboratories to track colony data. The ultimate goal was to provide laboratories with an easy to use, web alternative to allowing for more streamlined colony data and better cost management.

  • Main features:
    • Colony tracking : mice, cages, matings, litters
    • Basic search and filtering : quickly locate mice of interest

2011: SoftMouse v2  Cloud based

As the web matures and becomes more sophisticated, so has SoftMouse.

As many of our clients have experienced first hand in submitting feedback how SoftMouse has been enhanced with new features over the past few years since SoftMouse v2 first came out in 2011.

With all of the updates that have been made, subtle differences became apparent between the older and newer parts of the database.

  • Incorporating the feedback we received since the release of v1, SoftMouse v2 was a vast improvement over its predecessor, in both configurability as well as new features. User customized drop down lists, new data sharing features, a full experiment tracking module allowed for SoftMouse to move from a simple spreadsheet replacement to a powerful research tool.

  • Main features:
    • Colony tracking : mice, cages, matings, litters
    • Search and filter tools : robust search tools to quickly find available mice Experiment tracking: input experimental results for each mouse
    • Data Sharing : restrict data access to colleagues in the lab with edit and view permissions
    • Import and Export tools: allow for legacy data to be entered and current data to be exported with the click of a button

2014: SoftMouse v3  Laptop, Desktop and Mobile

Over the past few months, the Iseehear development team has been working on the SoftMouse v3 project to enhance the look and feel of SoftMouse with a more modern and consistent design, layout, style, behavior and page performance.

While the look of SoftMouse will be new, please rest assured that we have kept the main layout and navigation consistent with the database that you already are familiar with.

  • A fully traceable breeding colony database where colony and study data are centralized and transparently available to all stakeholders involved. Workflows are automated and standardized on one centralized system offering labs complete control over their colonies and studies in order to make timely decisions.

  • Main features:
    • Colony tracking : mice, cages, matings, litters
    • Search and Filter tools : enhancements to allow data to be quickly aggregated for report generation
    • Study and Experiment tracking : set up study design and track experimental data associated with cohorts of mice
    • Data Sharing : manage users permissions and share data on a mouseline by mouseline basis
    • Import and Export tools : allow for legacy data to be entered and current data to be exported with the click of a button
    • Upload files : ability to upload data files to individual records (e.g. genotyping gels, histology reports, necropsy reports, graphs and images, etc.)
    • Colony statistics : quick overview of the health of the colony in numbers
    • Audit Logging : Automatic logging of all activities performed in the colony, including what changes were made, who made the changes and when
    • Family tree / pedigree tracer : a visual depiction of mouse lineage across multiple generations
    • Calendar and task management : Calendar representation of important date and time sensitive information (e.g. wean dates, plug dates, surgery dates, breeding dates, etc.), with email alerts.
    • Mobile friendly : works on phone and tablet devices to easy access to updating colony data within the facility

2014: SoftMouse v3  Mobile Device Optimized (iPad and Android Tablets)

With the new SoftMouse v3, we have also optimized SoftMouse for easier display on smaller screen devices.

If you are taking your smartphone or tablet into the facility, you can access your SoftMouse account with the new simplified mobile interface for quicker data entry.

Simply go to www.softmouse.net and the system will auto detect your screen size to ensure it shows you to corresponding interface.

2014: SoftMouse FOREVER FREE Version

Continuous Product Road Map

  • SoftMouse Continuous Product Roadmap

  • The SoftMouse development team is continually improving SoftMouse to make it an even more valuable mouse colony database for our customers.

    Our customers are encouraged to use the built-in Suggestions Form and let us know their thoughts - we take suggestions and feedback very seriously. To that end we have placed a detailed product development list chronicling product releases and our commitment to continuous development on the Home page within the SoftMouse application.

  • Looking ahead

  • Looking forward, the SoftMouse team remains committed to enhancing the database as the needs of the Mouse Research Community continue to grow and evolve.

    As regulatory concerns and husbandry compliance becomes a more heightened priority for both laboratories and institutions, the SoftMouse team will ensure that the database continues to facilitate researchers’ ability to stay in line with good mouse keeping practices.

    About SoftMouse

  • About SoftMouse

  • SoftMouse DB™ Mouse Colony Maintenance and Management Database is a Software as a Service (SaaS), Cloud based database application that is ideally designed for academic researchers, animal technicians and laboratory clusters to increase efficiency and productivity in the management of mouselines, cages and mouse related experiments.

    SoftMouse offers labs the ability to centralize colony data in one web-accessible location, control mouse numbers and cage costs, monitor breeding productivity and maintain their mouse colonies in compliance with good mouse keeping and husbandry practices. SoftMouse places a high focus on ease of use and navigation to ensure that all members within a lab have full visibility and transparency into the colony.

  • SoftMouse in the Lab

  • Depending on how the mouse colonies are managed within a laboratory, SoftMouse can be configured on an individual lab basis to accommodate the following management scenarios:

    1. Decentralized environment: each lab member maintains their own projects and associated colonies, with perhaps a few common stocks that are shared among different lab members
    2. Centralized environment: one or a few animal techs (whether employed by the laboratory or by the animal facility) manage the colonies for an entire lab with lab members making requests or reserving mice as needed
    3. Mixed environment: Some lab members manage their own colonies, other lab members use a central animal tech to manage their colonies
  • Simple Data Importing

    • For labs that have are currently using another form of colony data tracking, e.g. spreadsheet or another database, SoftMouse offers Data Importing tools to allow for a seamless transition, with all historical data imported from the beginning of the colony straight into the corresponding SoftMouse account.
    Data Importing comes in two formats: 1. Do it yourself or 2. Assisted importing

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