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Rodent Colony Management
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SoftMouse tracks your mice, rats, breeding, cages, litters.
Access and update your colony data on a mobile device (iPad, Android tablet) right from your animal facility!
SoftMouse is simply the most intuitive online and mobile e-labbook colony management system.

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Smart Colony Management

Information Security Management SoftMouse Browser Requirements

SoftMouse DB is compatible with the following Internet browsers: Chrome, FireFox, Safari and Edge.

We recommend the use of one of these supported browsers for an optimal workflow experience with your SoftMouseDB account.
Download Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge

SoftMouse Superior Cloud and Mobile User Workflow Experience

Our policy is to provide a superior cloud and mobile user workflow experience for every SoftMouseDB user.

To that end, we decided to stop supporting the Internet Explorer web browser. As a result, SoftMouseDB users are encouraged to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari or Microsoft Edge for an optimal SoftMouseDB workflow experience.

Our decision to focus on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge browsers is 4 fold:
  1. In our experience over the past 15 years of developing web applications, we have found that the Internet Explorer browser technology increasingly did not provide a satisfactory SoftMouseDB user workflow experience. To address the Internet Explorer browser issues that we were experiencing was unnecessarily draining our time and resources which could otherwise be focused on innovative product enhancements.
  2. We wanted to speed up the pace at which we can innovate and deploy new product features (new features and product updates are introduced approximately on a monthly basis).
  3. Our goal is to smooth the progress of implementation of newer web and cloud technologies in the design of the SoftMouseDB products.
  4. Our new user stats indicate an increasing decline in the use of Internet Explorer on both desktop and mobile devices

Labs that depend on Internet Explorer may want to consider a dual or multi browser strategy that addresses desktop and mobile computing.

SoftMouse users using unsupported browsers may find that some features do not function as designed.

We hope you understand our decision to focus on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Microsoft Edge.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you have questions or require assistance.

Warm Regards,
The Iseehear Support Desk
The SoftMouseDB Development Team

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