Built with the Three R’s in Mind

From breeding events to critical research milestones, SoftMouse.NET empowers you to manage your research projects with precision, security, and accuracy to achieve successful research outcomes.


Effortlessly Streamline Lab Management Activities with SoftMouse.NET

We know that every lab is different, and your workflow may vary based on research requirements.
SoftMouse.NET is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor it to suit your lab's unique processes and preferences.

With SoftMouse.NET:

  • Save Money and allocate research funding to where it counts: Your Research
    Gain control of your cage inventory and track Cage Costs closely with SoftMouse.NET.
  • Future-Proof Your Research Efforts
    Don't let personnel turnover or scheduling conflicts disrupt research.
    SoftMouse.NET allows for easy access to historical data and standardized data collection and data retrieval methods.
    Personalized training ensures your team is always up and running quickly.
  • Ensure Your Data Integrity and Accuracy
    Effortlessly manage colonies, while ensuring validity of your research findings by tracking animal and experiment records, while securing data backups.
  • Make Protocol Adherence Easy
    Designed for IACUC Protocol Monitoring and it’s Global equivalents, effortlessly manage Animal Protocol counts. With optional email notifications alerting you of your protocol usage, stay on track without continual monitoring. Let SoftMouse.NET do it for you!
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Optimize Your Lab Operations

Whether you are just starting your lab or have been running it for years, our platform is here to simplify your research workflow and enhance the efficiency of your studies. As a Principal Investigator, SoftMouse.NET offers a range of benefits to support your research endeavors.

With SoftMouse.NET:

  • Recoup Service Costs with Per Diem Rates and facility performance at your fingertips.
  • Efficiently manage animal colonies with automatic customizable cage cards and streamlined animal, cage, strain, and genotype management.
  • Seamlessly track important study and colony events, such as injections, body weights, wean dates, and more, through our intuitive calendar module.
  • Automate post-approval animal counts, saving you valuable time and effort.
  • Design and track complex studies with ease, including automating tube label creation and sample collection through our study manager module.
  • Sync animal deliveries from vendors effortlessly using our order module for a seamless procurement process.
  • Access comprehensive reports to pull valuable insights from your colony data and study outcomes. Make census data collection easy!
Ready to optimize your lab management and streamline day-to-day operations?
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The Colony and Study Management Companion for your Research Journey

Whether you are conducting groundbreaking experiments or exploring new areas of study, our platform is here to simplify your lab tasks and optimize your research workflow.

With SoftMouse.NET:

  • Meet Research Milestones with Automated Alerts
    Meet project deadlines while mastering effective communication and teamwork, all while gaining insights into the intricate world of animal models.
  • Focus your time where it matters most
    Let SoftMouse.NET help you reallocate your time by easily performing tasks that would have taken hours in just a few minutes! Seamlessly input and organize data, track protocols, and manage inventory, freeing up your time for groundbreaking research and accelerating scientific progress.
  • Make informed decisions when planning experiments and studies
    From planning your next breeding program to scheduling your takedown schemas. SoftMouse.NET gives you a holistic, high-level view of the ongoing research and activity that your team is working on.
  • Make Genotyping Precise and Efficient
    SoftMouse.NET’s Colony makes genotype recording easy, standardized and searchable. Customize Gene and Allele lists following standard nomenclature and effortlessly enter complex genotype combinations based on your results. Upload genotype gel images to animals, matings or litter records, eliminating manual entry and ensuring accurate record-keeping for future reference.
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Designed to simplify your lab tasks and enhance your research efficiency.

Whether you are managing animal colonies or coordinating study experiments, our platform is here to optimize your workflow and make your work more seamless. Our Animal and Study Management Database offers a range of benefits to support your lab tasks.

With SoftMouse.NET:

  • Full Transparency into Colony Status
    Our Cloud-Based Platform empowers Colony Managers to mitigate unexpected setbacks, minimize personnel turnover disruptions, and ensure research stays on track. Efficiently track breeding, housing, and genotypes while safeguarding data with automated backups. SoftMouse.NET gives you peace of mind, so you have the confidence to lead your lab toward groundbreaking discoveries.
  • Optimize Your Colony's Breeding Performance
    With SoftMouse.NET optimize breeding schemas, prevent inbreeding, and maintain genetically diverse colonies. Ensure animals meet study needs while adhering to the 3 Rs principles, saving costs and enhancing research productivity.
  • Centralize Colony Communication
    Effortlessly track customized requests from labmates and facility staff. With sorting and filtering options for priority and open status requests, stay organized and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Built with the Three R’s in Mind
    We know that upholding the highest standards of animal care and ethical research practices is top of your priority list. It is for us too. With SoftMouse.NET you can easily ensure that animals are never over-crowded, are within protocol compliance, and are allocated appropriately to a research study.
  • Say goodbye to Cage Card Grunt Work
    Eliminate manual writing and unlock a new efficient workflow with SoftMouse's Cage Card feature. Simply tailor your stock and breeding cage card templates, and print with a click! SoftMouse.NET cage cards populate automatically.

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Your data's security and confidentiality is our top priority.
Our platform adheres to the highest industry standards, ensuring that your sensitive research information remains protected. Additionally, our system is designed to support compliance with relevant regulations governing animal studies. Learn more

See Our Success Stories

- Harrison Liu

I find SoftMouse.NET to be amazing in streamlining our day to day operations.

- Noelle N.

SoftMouse.NET has made my life easier, I love how it helps me stay organized. I can’t imagine my life without it now! Their customer service is top-notch and walked us through evey step of the process.

- Tara S.

Softmouse.NET for us results in savings vs expense. In terms of cost comparisons-one can have a Softmouse.NET annual license or 1.6 cages of mice a year at 56 cents per cage per day or for us we figured housing six mice in a year. Having a handle on the mouse inventories is a no brainer.

- Savannah W.

Previous reliance on spreadsheets led to a sense of dissatisfaction and inefficiency in our management efforts. SoftMouse.NET has proven to be an invaluable tool, allowing us to effectively manage resources and users within our lab through a dynamic, multi-user, and readily available online platform. The level of customer support and the quality of FAQs provided is exceptional

- Wan-Jin

I am really impressed by all the breeding functions that are available. I'm looking forward to starting to use the function for my ongoing mouse breeding